Speaker and Author One Sheets

All speakers and authors who want to connect successfully with speaking opportunities need a speaker one sheet, or author one sheet, to aid in their effective marketing strategies!

These speaker/author marketing one sheets are valuable tools with multiple purposes;

  • To outline your message effectively and concisely
  • To share your personal bio and pertinent author/speaker information
  • To list possible speaking outlets and venues for client consideration
  • To offer speech topics relevant to your individual message and target market
  • To reveal qualified endorsements for credibility

Speaker and Author One Sheets also can be used in numerous ways:

  • Cut and paste into any email to avoid attachment deletions
  • Hard copy for snail mail promotions or handouts
  • A link on your website with their own personal URL

Anyone interested in effectively increasing their opportunities to speak, is in need of Speaker one Sheets or Author One Sheets!  Tamra has designed hundreds of high-end, elegant speaker/author one sheets.  See details below;

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Two Full Days of Image Consulting

  • Personal analysis of your closet – creating new, exciting looks with existing clothing, and utilizing those garments that create an Extra-Ordinary Image.
  • Establish the right clothing for your body type, and isolate the fit that works best for you according to height and proportion. Shop for new clothing to enhance your existing wardrobe with the appropriate fit style and color to reflect the Extra-Ordinary Image you desire.
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