Tamra Richardt is a 20-year media veteran and television personality, whose expertise and insights on image and branding, focused messaging and procuring speaking engagements is unparalleled. She is the creator of unique and beautifully designed speaker sheets, media sheets and full press kits, to help authors better connect with meeting and conference planners, television and radio producers, for increased publicity and visibility. There is no one better at helping you prepare your marketing materials for potential speaking engagements, and no one better at laser focusing your message and synergizing your brand, than Tamra.

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I created $60,000 of revenue for speaking about the dangers of Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco to elementary students at the Health Board after we spoke and you helped me immensely. I am currently working on a new little book for colleges to go after that market by the first of next year, and I'll be talking to you! 

Rosemary Fisher - Author / Speaker / Publishing Coach

You were wonderful and creative to work with.   The one sheet has a 100% response rate! I did a free parent organization speech and they were so impressed with the speech, that along with her endorsement, she sent it to another parent in a different NYC school and I booked my first paying speech from that correspondence.  

Nick Ambrosino - Author/Speaker/Learning Specialist
cwr@musicsimplymusic.com - www.nickambrosino.com
516 313 5800

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