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I created $60,000 of revenue for speaking about the dangers of Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco to elementary students at the Health Board after we spoke and you helped me immensely. I am currently working on a new little book for colleges to go after that market by the first of next year, and I'll be talking to you! 

Rosemary Fisher - Author / Speaker / Publishing Coach

You were wonderful and creative to work with.   The one sheet has a 100% response rate! I did a free parent organization speech and they were so impressed with the speech, that along with her endorsement, she sent it to another parent in a different NYC school and I booked my first paying speech from that correspondence.  

Nick Ambrosino - Author/Speaker/Learning Specialist
cwr@musicsimplymusic.com - www.nickambrosino.com
516 313 5800

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